Crafty Carton Questions

What is a Crafty Carton™?

Crafty Carton™ is a convenient take beer home device.

Is this new?

It is new to the US market however, it has been in use by major breweries in the UK for over 20 years.

Why does my bar, brewpub, restaurant, café need it?

You will sell more beer. You will now be selling beer you otherwise would not have sold! Promote responsible drinking and driving. What better way for a customer to arrive home safely? Sell beer for consumption NOT before they drive but after they get home! No one is drinking and driving with this approach. In general the Crafty Carton™ is a complete convenience and safety option for your customers.

How does my bar, brewpub, restaurant use it?

It is offered as an inexpensive spontaneous alternative to a glass growler, allowing customers to take home their favorite craft beers that may not be available in a can or bottle. Customers do not have to remember to bring their growler before coming to the bar, restaurant or café. Bartender simply places container right up to tap and fills it to 16 ounce or 32 ounce mark on outside of container.

How do I close it?

It has a “peel and stick” sealer similar to a strong self-seal envelope or shipping packet. Just peel the strip cover off and close top of container with pressure from fingers.

Is it a 100% seal?

As a temporary container the sealing of the top with the peel and stick qualifies as a “Sealed Container” in many states. Due to the process of sealing this container by hand the corners may permit some leaking of product if turned on its side. It is recommended this be placed upright in the trunk of a car surrounded by items that will not allow it to tip over.

How long will my beer last?

Beer in a Crafty Carton™ is meant to be consumed within 3 hours of purchase.

Can I re-use the container?

Crafty Carton™ is meant for a one time use. To be discarded/recycled properly after use.

How much beer will it hold?

Maximum fill quantity is 32 ounces.

What if my customer wants more than one?

We encourage them to order as many different styles of beer from you that they want. Order the handy Crafty Carton™ 4 Pak carrier for your bar and they can place 4 cartons into the carrier and walk out the door. Want more? Order 8 cartons and put all theses into two 4 pack carriers.

How do I open it?

Like a milk carton user pushes on the side of the container pushing upwards and opens it like a container of milk. Crafty Carton™ then pours directly into a beer pint glass.

Will it hurt the environment?

No, this product is made of paper (sustainable materials) is recyclable, eco-friendly and is highly bio-degradable.

Won’t that hurt trees and forests?

Crafty Carton™ is made of FSC responsible resources. What does FSC mean to me?
Forest Stewardship Council – FSC. FSC is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests.

What does it mean I can buy the “Generic Cartons”?

Ale Street News – Largest Beer Newspaper in the US has arranged the first run of these unique cartons. Customers can purchase this readily available “generic” container and begin using and pouring these containers upon arrival. There is no customization required.

Can I get cartons custom designed for my location with custom artwork, my logos, etc.?
Yes, customization is possible. To custom design your own containers please e-mail Crafty Carton™ for further information at


I have growlers in my bar now. Why do I need these?

This convenience is in addition to your growlers. Customers may have forgotten their growler. They may already have 4 or 5 of them at home. If they bring another one home they will never hear the end of it! It they decide not to buy another growler you have not made that sale. The customer did not go home with the beer they wanted.

No one has to remember a growler ever again to take beer home. Just fill the Crafty Carton™ with the beer of their choice and they are off. You make the sale and they have the beer they want for consumption at home. This allows the spontaneous purchase of the draft beer they want.

In a city environment very few people are going to walk around all night with a growler visiting several cafes and pubs to be filled at the end of the night. Many places would not let them in with it. With the Crafty Carton™ they can take their favorite beer with them for consumption safely at home at the end of the night.

Growlers take up a lot of space on my bar/shelves. How much space will these take up?

The Crafty Carton™ measures less than 4 inches x 4 inches when stacked upside down on your counter or bar. These will take up no more room than one bottle of scotch or vodka. These are stackable, one fitting into the other, and you can easily store 25 cartons or more at the ready in the pre-mentioned space.

When ordering how many come in a box?
Each box contains 100 cartons.

How big is the box to be shipped and how much does each box weigh?

Dimensions of each box for those interested are: 20 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches. Each box weighs 7 lbs.

Shipping options?

All standard orders are sent via UPS.

Delivery Time Table?

You should anticipate delivery of your order of generic cartons to be delivered within 3-4 weeks of date of order. Custom orders will take longer.

Is it legal in my state?

Every state is different with different liquor laws. Crafty Carton™ makes no representation or guarantees of this product regarding the individual state liquor laws. We are not in a position to provide legal advice on the use of this product in each of the 50 states and or outside the country nor are we attempting to do so here. It is recommended that you consult your own attorney for further guidance pertaining to your individual situation and legality of this product.

What will my customers think of this new convenience?

With massive customer interaction at beer festivals, conferences and overall communications the customer base can’t wait to get their favorite beers from their favorite bars in these containers.

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